More Rare Breeds Join Us at Farmtastic

Although we’re not quite ready to open yet (it’s still too wet underfoot), we thought you’d like to know about some new additions to the Farmtatsic family.

Firstly, as if chipmunks aren’t already cute enough, we have two baby chipmunks scampering about.

Next, adding to our group feathered friends, we have five Blue Laced Andalusian chickens. These are very rare — in fact, they’re on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust endangered list.

We’ve also gained a beautiful pair of Rosecomb bantams, an old British breed first mentioned in the 15th Century.

And last but not least, we have a magnificent turkey stag (did you know a male turkey was a stag?) to keep the hens company.

It all adds up to a host of new critters to welcome you once the weather and ground improve. Keep your eye on the Prices and Opening page.