Fantastic, Farmtastic help from The Nationwide

On Thursday 21st September, we were visited by some lovely people from The Nationwide Building Society. Ten employees from various parts of the country gave up their time and energy to help us out. Their volunteer help was part of the Nationwide’s ‘Living On Your Side’ initiative, which supports local communities and charities throughout the UK.

As you can imagine, the work involved in looking after a farm and 100+ animals is never-ending, so we’re always glad of whatever help we can get. The Nationwide volunteers really mucked in (and mucked out!), carrying out essential jobs such as cleaning out the animal enclosures and painting fences.

We extend a massive thank you to:

  • Glen Mcandrew and Jeanna Hall from Northampton
  • Bethany Waller, Elizabeth Bakey, and Noemi Nananso from Bournmouth
  • Robin Girling,¬† Tracy Holfnagels, James Tinsley, Joanna Hall and Claire Wilson from Swindon

They are a fantastic bunch of people who did themselves and The Nationwide proud. The work they carried out has made an amazing difference and helped us out no end.

We hope the volunteers enjoyed themselves Рthey certainly looked as though they did. They plan to return next year, and also hope to organise a dress-down day across the whole Nationwide group to help us out further.

Once again, thanks to all the volunteers for your hard work. We hope to see you again soon.