New arrivals in the Petting Zone

Summer is here and we have been busy making the Petting Zone experience even better.

About 8 weeks ago our two cats gave birth to 9 gorgeous kittens who are now ready to say hello to everyone. Most of them are black, like their mum, but a couple have white faces and feet. All have the most amazing blue eyes and you are bound to fall in love with them and try to sneak one in your bag as you leave! Take a look at our shop page for all our animals for sale.

We have also seen the arrival of Salt & Pepper our black and white guinea pigs. Last week saw the arrival of our Skinny Pig – what a cutie he is – just loves to be cuddled. For those of you not familiar a Skinny Pig is in fact a furless guinea pig. “Skinnies” don’t have any fur, except on their noses and a little on their feet and must be kept indoors in a warm environment. For those of you who remember the TV programme called “The Clangers”, these funny hairless cavies look very much like the animated animals that featured in the children’s series.